1. Bolu province, Ottoman Empire.

  2. yngcee:

    Ottoman Empire, Antalya 100 years ago.

  3. yingce:

    Ottoman Bachi-bouzouks, Ottoman Empire 1875

  4. boringmusings:

    A bashi-bazouk or bashibazouk (Turkish başıbozuk, or delibaş, literally “damaged head”, meaning “free headed”, “leaderless”, “disorderly”) was an irregular soldier of the Ottoman army. They were particularly noted for their lack of discipline.

  5. fucking-history:

    Street scenes in Istanbul, Turkey c.1903 (Brooklyn Museum)

    1. Onlookers in view
    2. Cloth market
    3. A lemonade salesmen
    4. A pack animal and driver on cobble stone road passing through the cemetery, where trees and people are in view.
    5. A bread salesmen

    (via hayir)

  6. Poor Turkmen nomadic Women from Anatolia.

  7. Anatolian Turkmen women in traditional Dress of the Yörük people.

  8. German women in traditional German ”Tracht” of Bückeburg.

  9. Tugce_oe (my instagram)

  10. A Jewish bride from Persia, a picture from my book: Der Islam - ein historisches Lesebuch.

  11. Hakassian shamanistic art. The turkic people of Siberia are not convert to any Religion. Hakassiya is a Republic in Siberia/Russian Federation

  12. Turkish Chamber (Türckische Cammer) a Ottoman collections Museum since 1500s in Dresden, Germany.

  13. yingce:

    Old Turkic Uighur Buddhist Art, 300-650. Before most Turkic people convert to Islam, was they Religion the Buddhism or Mani.

  14. People at Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Ottoman Empire.